April 2019 Contest Winners

April 2019 Contest Winners Descripción

We contacted the top 5 winners to ask about their inspiration and experience when developing top games last month on Kongregate!

April 2019 Contest Winners April 2019 Contest Winners

Vasanth, developer of Medieval Chronicles 4: Thanks to the full support from you, Medieval Chronicles 4 has become the most appreciated game among the games I have made so far.

 "Can you forgive an accidental person who made you wrong?" is the main content of this part. Although this is a rather heavy concept, it is always in my mind.

Thank you for playing; If you have any suggestions for better Medieval Chronicles 4, please call me . Thanks for playing! XD

Third-Place Winner

Rootpew, developer of Split Or Steal: First, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Kongregate (especially Danilo!) - they are companions and provide an invaluable resource for the birth of Split or Steal.

Thanks to the team at Kongregate and their efforts, within a month more than 55,000 players and more than 300,000 matches were played. Now, when I split Or Steal being welcomed by the community of players and achieving this title, I feel thrilled, that is the result of our efforts for a long time.

Thanks again to everyone who joined us for the premiere - the next stop, Kartridge!

Fourth-Place Winner

Victorinox, developer of Idle Hamlet: First of all, a big thank you to the members of the Broken Mouse Convention for their original constructive contributions. Thank you Kongregate players for watching and accompanying the game for the first few weeks. Even though we were still struggling for the first time, it was your support that became a great source of motivation. For us, because of that, the best version of Idle Hamlet is now much better developed than the first version.

How did the game come out? Previously I made mods for Civilization 5, then decided to make a game to build a small town. And then, Bloodtern'sLovecraftian theme was disturbed during development. I have never been a programmer in the first place, and have an easier time making artworks.

For the game to grow popular like this, the most important thing is you - the players, always with us, without friends, no games. So, thank you all played Idle Hamlet and kept it alive!

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